Miss Sabrina Bewitched

Where is She now…?

On a cold, crisp, dry morning we met up with the talented Miss Sabrina Bewitched to learn what spells She has been casting since winning Opportunity Frocks in 2015

Hi Sabrina. Question. B*Witched or Bewitched?

Oh B-E-wtiched. As much as I love, the talented and all female pop group, I didn’t name myself after them.

How did you get decide on your drag name?

I always loved the name Sabrina, it was the name of my favourite Pokemon trainer as a kid.

And here we are in 2016 and Pokemon is back on the scene in a big way…

Of course, i was able to look at the tea leaves, ha ha. Interestingly I’ve always associated with witches and spooky things, so i chose the surname Bewitched.

Did you hear that? , just kidding. So, what you have been up too since winning Opfrocks?

This past year has been crazy! I’ve got to perform at the award winning Sunday Bingo Show, The amazing Sunday service and got to share a stage with some awesome Queens at Custom House Square, this year for pride.

I’ve also got to do more personal bookings which have been fun, so yeah its been brilliant.

What was your favourite part about the Opfrocks experience?

Surprisingly the whole thing was my favourite from start to finish. If i had to choose just one part thought, it was hearing the crowds reaction when I was performing.

I was blown away and it felt quiet surreal. Although, I was sooo nervous. From rehearsal until the moment i was crowned. When I hit the stage during my performances and the audience were laughing along and cheering I felt at home.

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When we ask everyone about the backstage atmosphere, they all say the same thing…”Brilliant”.
Do you agree?

Absolutely. Everyone was sooo nervous. We done our best to encourage each other. No one knew what to expect. You never know with the Opfrocks crew, they can throw a little curve ball in. Thing is, I was up first for each rounds, so I felt like a guinea pig haha. But everyone was keen to lend a helping hand so the atmosphere was very friendly. You get to talk to new Queens from all over Ireland and we share a lot of laughs.

You have mentioned a few times about being nervous on the evening. Where you really nervous or you just being modest?

I was a wreck haha I stood in silence for most of the time just worrying about how I’d be perceived

When you read interviews about performers or singer, they often get asked about their creative processes. Especially when they are writing a song. Do you have a process when creating a mix?

I usually go for a dander and listen to music, or watch a few comedy videos. Inspiration for my shows generally pop into my head, but you can also find inspiration from certain songs, or themes from comedy shows. Also current affairs is a good source of inspiration, for example the movie “Finding Dory” came out recently, so I came up with a performance based on that. I try to keep them as short as possible while still putting on a great show.
If you could go back in time to the few weeks before Opfrocks what advice would you give yourself?

Its a bit like a wedding, although i personally have not wed anyone, they say the day flies by.

I would encourage myself to just relax and have fun, its not about winning its about taking part. Perhaps spend a bit more time enjoying the experience, rather than being nervous.

its a bit cliched but every opportunity to be on stage, is a chance to showcase your talent, skills and creativity. For people who have never seen you perform before, its a chance to blown them away.

While I don’t pretend to be a superstar, if you can dazzle people with your skills perhaps, just maybe you might gain a new fan along the way.

Finally what advice would you give any new artists thinking about taking part?

Go for it! What on earth do you have to lose?

Opportunity Frocks really is an amazing opportunity and a chance to show your talent to a huge crowd. The audience are there for a good time and supportive.

No matter how nervous or worried you are about the size of this event, you should do it.

The cast always support each other and will help you out. Everyone is there to win, but nobody wants to see anyone fail… well maybe a little, haha.

Read the rules and choose your outfits accordingly…

Miss Sabrina Bewitched will be returning to the Opportunity Frocks Stage this year to crown our new Queen and to perform for us one more time.

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Opportunity Frocks 2016 will be taking place on Saturday, 12th November 2016.