Miss Rusty Hinges

Where is She now…?

Rusty Hinges recently caught up with the Opfrocks Team to tell us about the manic year she has had & a little of life after Opportunity Frocks 2009.

Hi Rusty, How’s things?

Really good thanks

So tell us, what has winning Opportunity Frocks 2009 meant to you?

Winning Opportunity Frocks last year was amazing and it has made an incredible impact in my life!!

Did you do any drag before Opportunity Frocks 2009?

I first performed in drag at the Kremlin: Drag Ball 2009, and I came in 3rd place.

Tina Leggs Tantrum was on holiday at the time and heard about your performance. What happened when she contacted you?

When Tina contacted me to enter Opportunity Frocks I thought - what the hell, I'll give it a go, after all you only live once!

Of course you went on to win Opportunity Frocks 2009. How did it feel to hear you had won?

When they announced that I had won Opportunity Frocks I was so surprised, as you could probably tell by my reaction from the DVD.

Have you looked back since?

When I look back over the events of the last year I can't believe that I've come along so much not only as a drag queen but on a personal level, it has helped me develop as well.

What have you been doing since the competition? Has everyone seen what the judges saw on the night?

Since winning Opportunity Frocks I've made so many friends and met so many wonderful people, and this has all contributed to me being the person that I am today. My parents have been very supportive through-out everything, with Mummy making and amending outfits and checking my make up as I go out the door and my Daddy helping me with my tan and telling me I'm looking well.

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It's good that your parents are supportive.

One of my proudest moments was appearing at an event on Mothers day with one of my inspirations - MY MOTHER, we both provided the entertainment for a Mother's Day evening.

Your mum taught you everything she knows then?

I learnt many of my performance techniques from my mother, as she her-self is a singer, and after watching and listening to her she has proved to be an inspiration to me and my act.

We heard you were in the paper?

Yeah, from the town where I live as soon as the local paper heard that I had won Opportunity Frocks they wanted to interview me.
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We hear also that you have been busy performing all over Northern Ire-land and you host your own regular night?

Since I won Opportunity Frocks I've performed and appeared at The Sunday Bingo Show (Union Street), I also hosted a number of nights with Lady Portia Di'monte in the Coach Banbridge. I also hosted Pride Pub quizzes for Belfast Pride and was a judge at a battle of the Bands Contest for Belfast Pride Party in the Square, I also performed at a Fund-raiser in Bellini's, Newry, in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care & South India Leper Colony, I performed alongside Joanna Ryde (All Ireland Talent Show).

You've been busy then? Any more?

Absolutely, Trudy Scrumptious and I performed at the Hillsborough International Oyster Festival and as well as all of this I've done a lot of PR work and appearances at parties. I also have a regular slot at Revue (Copperfields Bar)

It's been brilliant catching up with you Rusty. Do you have any advice for our contestants?

My advice to this years entrants -just be yourselves. Last year as I arrived at the Empire for rehearsals, I didn't think I had a look in as I couldn't pull off a dance routine and didn't have any dancers at my side, but I went on stage with just one thing in mind and that was to go out and have a good night!

Well Rusty, thanks for your time, as always you have been a delight to chat to. I would just like to say thanks for your time.

Oh, I would like to say a big thank you to Gerry Walls, Gordon Crawford, Marcus Hunter-Neill, Dougie and Martin at Lotus Travel, Paul Nugent, Chris Rowan, Bert Doherty, Kremlin Belfast, Ryan Wilkinson, Neil Keery @ www.keeryphoto.com, and to all my amazing friends and family !!

Miss Rusty Hinges will be returning to the Opportunity Frocks Stage this year to crown our new Queen and to perform for us one more time. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the very latest updates.

Opportunity Frocks 2010 will be taking place on Saturday, 20th November 2010.