Miss Kandy Carousel

Where is She now…?

Miss Kandy Carousel recently caught up with the Opfrocks Team to spill the latest goss on life after Opportunity Frocks 2014.

Well Miss Kandy C? Can we call you Kandy C?

You can call me anything you want as long as it isn’t to early in the morning doll

As you know we are preparing for the Opportunity Frocks 2015 competition, are you excited?

Well the time has come to lip-sync for your life gurls the 2015 opportunity frocks is finally underway!! Yes, Im excited!!!!! EEK!

In 2014 you won Opportunity Frocks, but before that you won Kremlin’s Drag Ball. Did you ever imagine when you took part in Drag Ball you would go on to win Opportunity Frocks?

Not at all, when I entered the Drag Ball, I remember thinking, it’s a bit of fun and didn’t think at all I stood a chance of winning. I mean I turned up to perform wearing a maternity dress (don’t judge in from the Shankill), but with so many talented drag queens taking part also, I genuinely seen it as a bit of fun. When I won Drag Ball and then found out I was getting automatic entry into Opportunity Frocks, I was completely overwhelmed.

Looking back on the Opportunity Frocks contest and the fact that you won, how do you feel about it now?

When I took part in the competition last year, I think it was the best thing I have ever done, by far. The atmosphere in the Empire Music Hall was electric and for somebody that was only new to drag I was blowing away.

Being new to drag and taking part in something as big as Opportunity Frocks, where you nervous?

Deciding to take part in Opportunity Frocks wasn’t the easiest decision for me. Nerves had been getting the better of me, every time I thought about being on the stage.

You where nervous? You could have fooled us.

Well, I was going to be competing with a lot of other professional, regularly performing, Queens and I had performed once or twice. By the time I knew I was definitely going to take part I had decided, that I was going to do the best I could. Even though people hardly knew who I was, I was going to give it my all and hope for the best!
Most contestants we speak to, tell us that the competition flies by, do you remember much about it?

Oh goodness yes. Tea with Tina was the first round and I was so happy to see the Prosecco. It was just downed. Although I can’t remember what I actually said to Tina. I remember saying to myself before going on stage, make people remember you no matter what you have to do!

That’s great advice, so is that all you remember?

I’m getting there…! So anyways, the 2nd round was musical chairs which was a complete and utter geg! There was wigs flying everywhere, thieves stealing chairs. Them gurls where a bunch of ANIMALS!!

So about…

I’m still getting there…! So. Then the moment everyone had been waiting for was the Showstopper Round. I done my own Belfast remix so was really excited to let everyone hear it. My adrenaline started kicking in and the more I performed the more the crowd cheered me on. That support was amazing to hear. I believe that I was able to give more, than I thought I ever could!

So about the crowning, what was that moment like?

It was magical, I was standing listening to all the places being awarded in reverse order. 3rd place was announced, then 2nd, then Miss Congeniality. It was a t that point I genuinely thought that I wasn’t getting placed. Of course, didn’t Tina announced the winner is ... MISS KANDY CAROUSEL! In that moment, I could have just fainted. I really didn’t think that something like that could happen to a gal like me.
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Many winners have said that when they where crowned, it seemed a very surreal moment.

I agree with that, when I was being crowned It really hadn’t really sunk in. I believed that I wasn’t the one every one expected to win. With that said, I was equally so proud of myself. Getting that crown on my head, really did feel like I had won over the world. Of course you couldn’t tell, but I was gurning my eyes out!

What have you been doing with yourself since the competition?

I’m happy to say that I’ve came a long way! Since winning this competition I have done loads of things. I’m currently working for Kremlin Bar in Belfast on Friday and Saturday nights. I am also a regular face at the famous Sunday Bingo Show in Union Street, but in addition to all that I’ve recently started accepting private gigs, which I love doing especially if there’s food involved! The competition has changed my life.

If you where to give yourself advice about entering Opportunity Frocks this time last year, long before Drag Ball, what would you say?

I would just say that you have to go and be your self. We all have that drag persona and its good to play up to that persona, but the audience and judges know what’s real and what’s fake so. I would just urge myself, to go out and show them what Opportunity Frocks is all about.

That’s very warming to hear, what would you say to any would be contestants for this years contest?

If I was to give the contestant any advice in going into this years competition, I would say: be absolutely different from the rest! there’s always going to be drag queens, but if your going to be different and think outside the box have a look at what every ones is doing, and for goodness sake, have a personality!

Plan what ur going to do and stick with it!

Miss Kandy Carousel will be returning to the Opportunity Frocks Stage this year to crown our new Queen and to perform for us one more time. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the very latest updates.

Opportunity Frocks 2015 will be taking place on Saturday, 7th November 2015.