What The Frock?

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The Empire Music Hall, Belfast

Throughout the summer of 2008, Drag Queens from all over UK were battling out for their chance to win in the heats and compete in the Opportunity Frocks Grand Final. The winners of each Heat, then travelled to Glasgow to compete in the Grand Final hosted in Arta, Glasgow on November 29th November 2008.

Inspired by Hugie Greens Opportunity Knocks, JP EVENTS grabbed the traditions of a pageant, added a bit of Hollywood glamour, threw in three X factoresque judges by the heels and dropped them head first on to the stage. This pageant embraced men, women and anything else you can possibly imagine (and there was quite a lot of imagining) in spectacular competition for the title of Opportunity Frocks 2008 — The Ultimate UK Drag Queen.

The premise of the show was quite obvious; the Drag Queens were judged on three rounds: Hollywood heroine, Swim-wear and Show Stopper.
A group of celebrity judges awarded points for outrageousness, personality and talent and after considerable nail-biting and some superb "filler" entertainment, the winner was crowned.

The show has since be relocated to Belfast, Northern Ireland as was a massive success with over 300 people attending the Grand Final and serving as the launch pad for some of the biggest drag names in Ireland.

The Opportunity Frocks trophy is made from Sterling Silver and is encrusted with Swarovski Crystals. The design for the trophy is based upon a lavish dress that is stiched up the front.

The Opportunity Frocks competition was originally a show that was put together by JP Events in Glasgow to raise money for the Terrance Higgins Trust
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Winners Timeline

  1. Opportunity Frocks I

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    Winner: Tina Leggs Tantrum

  2. Opportunity Frocks III

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    Winner: Trisha Delisha

  3. Opportunity Frocks IV

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    Winner: Peaches Monroe

  4. Opportunity Frocks V

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    Winner: Pauletta Stiletta

  5. Opportunity Frocks VI

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    Winner: Anna Rexia

  6. Opportunity Frocks IX

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    Winner: Blu Hydrangea