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Tina Leggs Tantrum, Host

A little story of Tina's life and success so far...

Tina was born in sunny Belfast a short while ago!!! (15 years in the business) To the cheers and joys of a single parent family Mr Gerry Walls, who himself a self taught professional dancer and happy go lucky kind of guy. Once Tina first took to the stage (and they weren't that many in Belfast, Tina succumbed to cheers and claps of enjoyment of her ever faithful audiences (Tina was hooked). Since then between Gerry and Tina have become a "tiny force" with a huge taste for cabaret, and putting it back into the Belfast gay scene and onwards.

Gerry spent many years stage managing Irelands most successful themed Friday night out at the M club called the Groovy Train, were he choreographed and performed, with eight dancers, two dj's with platforms and glamour at its height. Tina, herself, can be found all over Ireland, performing, in both straight and gay venues, cabaret shows, djing, dancing, you name it, Tina has brought it. 
Gerry traded in his role at the Groovy Train in 2009 when he took up the role at Viva Vaudeville with Tina as the star of the show. Tina performed every friday night on the mezzanine with her dancers and provided a great show of entertainment and dance.

Tina's home, remains, Ireland’s biggest & most famous gay venue, The Kremlin and Union Street Bar. Back in 2001 Tina entered a competition called "The Alternative Miss Ireland" and came first, and with it came, luck, respect and professionalism, which to this day she carries around with her in her secret purse!!!.

Moving forward, 2008 brought a new wave of drag competition, the Next top Drag Queen competition, where the grand finals were held in Glasgow, it was a wonderful night, one Tina will never forget, not because of the winning the title, but because everyone showed sincere support to each other, the excitement, the crowds laughter, claps, cheers of delight, it truly was a night that only dreams are made of.
So that’s why this year Tina is inviting all of YOU young and older, male and female, drag stars, to pitter patter forward on your high heels, and enter, you will share the night, and most of all you'll never forget it, who knows you may even win the crown!

So go on, what are you waiting for? If you think you have the talent and want to be in the running to win The Next Top Drag Queen title then just enter on the contact us page for an application form.

Tina will be on standby if you need any support.

Take care and Good Luck

Tina Leggs Tantrum
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